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Traditional Owners

From the outset, WestSide has engaged the assistance of indigenous parties representing the Traditional Owners of the land on which it operates.On assuming operatorship of Meridian SeamGas near Moura in July 2010, WestSide began liaising on behalf of the Joint Venture with the Gangulu People who are the Traditional Owners over areas where Meridian SeamGas operates.

WestSide entered a voluntary Cultural Heritage Investigation and Management Agreement (CHIM A) with the Gangulu People in October 2011 to enable the Company to address Aboriginal cultural heritage with a degree of certainty within a statutory timeframe.

Importantly, the agreement formalised WestSide’s ongoing commitment to the protection and management of Gangulu cultural heritage at Meridian SeamGas.

Representatives of the Birri People and the East Comet / West Dawson People have conducted site clearances prior to and during earthworks at the Tilbrook and Paranui pilots and at Mount Saint Martin.

In July 2012 WestSide executed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nghally Ghungalu Thoonieda Aboriginal Corporation which acts on behalf of the Ghungalu / Kangoulu People over part of the Southern Operations Area of ATP 769P. A CHIMA was subsequently executed and approved in October 2012.

WestSide is also in discussions with the Gangulu People to negotiate a CHIMA for another area of the Southern Operations Area.

WestSide is committed to ongoing communications and consultation with Traditional Owners in all the areas in which it operates.