Over the past nine years, Westside has established itself as a valued member of the local community. Westside’s operational team actively supports local charities, functions and events including the Moura Coal and Country Festival.

We are committed to working closely with the local community.  We do this by building local capability and supporting local business. We house all employees and contractors either in locally-rented houses or at local hotels and caravan parks.

We are also committed to open and frequent communications with all landholders and have established ‘Land Access Golden Rules’ for all employees and contractors to follow to build trust between our employees and the community.


With a dedicated land access team, we continue to conduct our operations with a view to maintaining a long and collaborative relationship with the owners and occupiers of the land where our activities are conducted.

The landholders in our operational areas typically have a long history of working their properties, sometimes spanning generations.

Their agricultural activities range from grazing to intensive cropping and dairy. Our goal has been to work constructively and proactively with landholders to minimise the impact on their livelihood and lifestyle.

As part of our commitment to building and maintaining trusting and enduring relationships, Westside holds ‘Shed Meetings’ in the local community which are briefings sessions for landholders and stakeholders. These meetings provide landholders with information regarding Westside’s future plans, allows landholders to raise any concerns they may have, and provides opportunities to build relationships between Westside staff and the community.

We have a well-developed land access framework which includes a Land Access Policy, Land Access Golden Rules and Land Access Induction and Training.

Westside’s approach to land access is based on:

  • engaging comprehensively with each landholder/occupier within the project area prior to any activity on their land;
  • working towards outcomes that benefit both parties; and
  • locating and scheduling project activities to reduce the impacts on landholder activities.

Traditional owners

Westside is committed to ongoing communications and consultation with the traditional owners in all areas in where we operate.

When we first began operating the Meridian Gas Field in July 2010, we started liaising with the Gangulu People, who are the traditional owners over areas where Meridian Joint Venture operates, on behalf of the Joint Venture.

We entered into a voluntary Cultural Heritage Investigation and Management Agreement (CHIMA) with the Gangulu Endorsed Parties in October 2011 for PL94. In October 2012, we commenced another CHIMA with the Gangulu People over part of the Southern Operations Area of ATP 769P.

The agreements formalise our ongoing commitment to the protection and management of Gangulu cultural heritage within the tenements. In addition, representatives of the Birri People and the East Comet and West Dawson People have conducted site clearances prior to and during earthworks at the ATP769P and ATP688P projects.

In New Zealand, we work with the traditional landowners of our sites, the Ngati Ruanui people (iwi).

Clontarf and Stars Foundations

Since 2016, Landbridge Australia (Westside’s parent company) has provided ongoing support to Clontarf and Stars, two local foundations that help young Indigenous people reach their potential through education and life skills. These programs are aimed at improving the education, health outcomes and employment participation of young Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory and Queensland.  Our support is both financial and in-kind and includes facilitating site and office visits, contributing to employment training forums and sporting events.

We also sponsor Clontarf and Stars students to participate as youth crew members on the Young Endeavour training ship.  The Young Endeavour provides a unique hands-on opportunity for students to develop leadership, team building and interpersonal skills as well as practical on-water skills in a challenging, exciting and exhilarating environment.

About the Clontarf Foundation

The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and by doing so equips them to participate meaningfully in society.

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About the Stars Foundation

We support the Stars Foundation’s school engagement program for Indigenous girls.

The Stars Foundation is focussed on improving education and health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women. The Foundation aims to support and enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women to make active choices towards realising their full potential in all aspects of their development and wellbeing.

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