Westside Corporation Pty Ltd (Westside) is a growing oil and gas explorer and producer that has been successfully exploring, developing and operating in Queensland since 2005, and in New Zealand since 2016.

Our vision is to be a leader in Australia’s oil and gas industry on safety, people, performance and cost. We aspire to achieve this through our values:

  • Add Value: Have a mindset that is results driven, innovative and agile
  • Be Valued: Be confident, accountable (hold each other to account), and work as a team
  • Value Others: Show respect for all stakeholders, be honest and ethical

Westside History


Westside began operating as an incorporated company, following the acquisition of interests in Queensland-based exploration tenements ATP 688P and ATP 769P from Sunshine Gas Limited, a company that was later acquired by QGC. The first of these tenements comprises the Tillbrook and Mount Saint Martin project areas.


Westside lists on the ASX.


Westside completed a transition from explorer to producer by acquiring a 51% operating interest in the Meridian Gas Fields near Moura in Queensland’s Bowen Basin from existing owners, Anglo American (Anglo) and Mitsui Moura Investment Pty Ltd (MMI). We continue to operate the Meridian Gas Fields with our joint venture partner, Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd.

The Meridian Gas Fields date back to 1991 (originally operated by Mount Isa Mines), and comprise a range of natural gas assets including petroleum leases, gas rights in mining leases, and gas compression and pipeline infrastructure connected to the gas sales network.


Westside signed a 20-year Gas Sales Agreement with GLNG for the sale of up to 65 terajoules (TJ) of gas per day from the Meridian Gas Field at market prices.

In September, Westside was acquired by Landbridge Group.


Westside enters New Zealand’s oil and gas market.

Westside’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Westside New Zealand Ltd, acquired the Rimu Kauri Manutahi (RKM) fields, located south of Hawera in Taranaki, New Zealand, from Origin Energy Resources NZ (Rimu) Ltd.


Westside increased its interests in ATP 688P to 100% and its interest in ATP 769 to 75.5%.

In October, Westside significantly expanded its acreage in joint venture with Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd, to form the Greater Meridian Field. Westside acquired Petrochina’s interests in ATP 564P, ATP 602P and the PL94 sublease.


Gas sale agreement signed with Orica.

In December, Westside signed a two-year gas sale agreement to supply gas from the Greater Meridian Field into the domestic market.


In October,  Westside strengthened its foothold in Queensland after being awarded gas exploration permit ATP 2047 in a 50-50 joint venture with Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG). The tenement covers a 750-square-kilometre area in the southern Bowen Basin.  Westside is operator of the project, which will target coal-seam and conventional gas.