Westside has a range of exploration, development and oil and gas producing projects in Queensland, Australia and New Zealand. In Queensland, Westside operates the Greater Meridian Fields and has exploration and appraisal programs at project sites: ATP 688P and ATP 769P. In New Zealand, Westside operates in the Rimu, Kauri and Manutahi (RKM) fields located south of Hawera, Taranaki, New Zealand as well as the Kaheru exploration block.

Greater Meridian Fields

Greater Meridian Fields

  • Ownership
  • Westside51%
  • Mitsui49%

Westside began its operations in the Greater Meridian Fields in 2010, after partnering with Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd (Mitsui) to acquire the interests from Anglo American (Anglo) and Mitsui Moura Investment Pty Ltd (MMI).

Seven years later, Westside and Mitsui acquired additional acreage adjacent to the Meridian Fields, comprising the PL94 sublease and ATP 564P and ATP 602P from PetroChina.

The Greater Meridian Fields are the closest gas fields to the significant export facilities at Gladstone, which is approx. 160km east of the Field.  The Fields are connected to the GLNG pipeline and the Queensland Gas Pipeline (QGP).  Westside is a participant of the Wallumbilla Gas Exchange and can supply gas into the East Coast domestic gas market via the Wallumbilla Hub.

About Greater Meridian SeamGas

Operations in the Greater Meridian Gas Fields first began in the late 1990s. The site includes petroleum, gas and mining leases, and gas compression and pipeline infrastructure.

With its team of highly experienced gas field operators, Westside began working on the site in 2010. The site currently produces 40 Terajoules (TJ) a day.

The development of the Meridian Field is underpinned by a 20-year gas supply agreement to sell gas to the GLNG-project at oil-linked prices.  Gas has been sold into the GLNG contract since 2015 and the agreement provides Westside with long-term security and a flexible path to expand production at the Meridian Field.

In December 2018 Westside and Mitsui entered into a 2-year gas sale agreement to supply 4 TJ/d gas from the Greater Meridian Field to Orica.

Authority to Prospect – ATP 2047

Authority to Prospect – ATP 2047

  • Ownership
  • Westside50%
  • APLNG50%

Westside is operator of ATP 2047 in a 50-50 joint venture with Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG). The tenement covers a 750-square-kilometre area in the southern Bowen Basin and will target coal-seam and conventional gas.

The southern Bowen Basin is a proven gas-producing region, hosting the adjacent Scotia and Peat fields operated by Santos and Origin respectively for many years.

The tenement is 20 kilometres east of the township of Taroom. Its western boundary is adjacent to APLNG’s Peat project, which is connected to the gas market via a sales pipeline network.

Authority to Prospect – ATP 769P

  • Ownership
  • Westside 75.5%
  • Mitsui E&P Australia 24.5%

The ATP 769P project is located 10km south of Moura and 5km west of the Greater Meridian Fields.

Westside acquired interests in exploration tenement ATP 769P.

ATP 769P is planned to be developed as part of the greater Meridian Fields in the longer term.

Authority to Prospect – ATP 688P

  • Ownership
  • Westside100%

The ATP 688P project is located 30km south of Collinsville, Queensland and comprises the Tillbrook and Mount Saint Martin project areas. Both areas are in the vicinity of the Moranbah to Townsville gas pipeline.

Westside acquired interests in exploration tenement ATP 688P.

Multiple exploratory wells have been drilled, which have intersected gassy coal seams and have the potential to add to Westside’s gas reserves.

Westside intends to perform further testing to capture gas and water production data, as a critical measure for evaluating the prospects of the field and achieving a positive commercial outcome.

The combined data sets from the wells and seismic acquisition have been incorporated into models to provide the basis for evaluation of gas reserves and future sales to prospective customers in the area.

Rimu, Kauri and Manutahi Fields (RKM), New Zealand

Rimu, Kauri and Manutahi Fields (RKM), New Zealand

  • Ownership
  • Westside100%

In New Zealand, Westside has owned and operated the RKM oil and gas fields since 2016. It has a range of assets including 14 well pads with 50 wells, oil and gas processing facilities and power generation on-site. The wells produce light oil, gas and condensate from Rimu and Kauri, and heavy oil from the Manutahi field. Westside has rights to explore in the offshore Kaheru block adjacent to the producing fields.

It acquired RKM from Origin Energy Resources NZ (Rimu) Ltd in 2016 and commenced operations of the facility and associated assets under a safety case regime, authorised by the New Zealand Government.

The original Rimu production facility was commissioned in 2002 and the Kauri and Manutahi assets later in 2007 and 2012 respectively.

Alongside its own workforce, Westside brought on experienced operators from Origin to support site activity. It has successfully operated the plant and field since its purchase.

It has production capability for gas sales to the national grid; propane, butane and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) trucked into the local market; oil and condensate for export via the Omata tank farm to South East Asia and gas-generated electricity for sale to the national electricity grid from onsite power generation (2 x 640KW generators).

The production facility has a nameplate capacity of 8,000 boe/d and 10 mmscf/d and expandable to 20MMcfd.

Westside is pursuing expansion, including the redevelopment of the Kauri gas and Rimu light oil fields, further development of Manutahi oil field and associated exploration targets across all the RKM areas.

Kaheru Offshore Permit, New Zealand

Westside subsidiary, Westside New Zealand Limited, owns and operates the Kaheru offshore prospect which is adjacent to the Rimu, Kauri and Manutahi (RKM) fields.